Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I didn't break a world record today

Today I had the opportunity to help break the world record for most people dressed like Waldo. I was going to head down to Rutgers with my wife and one of our close friends. But after they both had to drop out for academic reasons I was faced with the decision to go dress up as Waldo with hundreds of strangers or stay home and not become a World Record holder. It was a tough decision because I LOVE Waldo and who doesn't want to break a World Record??
One of many secret Waldo's hiding on campus

Ultimately, I realized that while I love doing crazy things, having pointless fun, and breaking World Records, what makes these things fulfilling and worthwhile is doing them WITH someone close. My life is about shared experiences. This may seem obvious to my friends, but it is a realization that I'm only now verbalizing to myself. Most of the value and meaning I find in life comes from sharing experiences and feeling emotions in the company of others. I'm sure this is one of the reasons I started a blog. For me, the journey of life is only great when there are others walking with you. Which is why tonight, I had more fun relaxing with loved ones than breaking a world record with strangers.


  1. I know the feeling, as of two nights ago. The Loft does their whole Essential Cinema thing once a month, where they show a classic film for free, funded by the Arizona Opera and I think Bookmans. They were showing Rashomon, the film that launched Akira Kurosawa's international fame. I was super excited about it, but as it turned out Christine had to work that night, so I was left to see it by myself. Kurosawa has to be my favorite director ever, and any chance to see one of his films on the big screen is amazing, but I realized that being by myself I wouldn't enjoy it a whole lot. I've seen the film a few times, and I own it on DVD. I started to feel that it was kind of pointless to go, because without anyone else, it seemed I would just be going to see it bigger than on my tv. Life really is about sharing experiences. I wouldn't have gone home and watched it again by myself on DVD, so why would I go and sit by myself and watch it at the theatre?

  2. Who knew that when my 3rd grade teacher told me it was better to share, she actually knew what she was talking about.


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