Friday, April 3, 2009

Scavenger Hunting for Fun and Profit

Those of you that know me may recognize this photo from last November. I took it shortly after watching the local Christmas parade, which consisted of a few emergency vehicles and trucks with inflatable lawn decorations tied to the back. We stumbled on to the last day of a local scavenger hunt, and ran around town trying to complete it in less than an hour.
The scavenger hunt was more than enough reward in itself, but five months later we received a $50 gift certificate good for just about any shop in our local town. I was having difficulty deciding how to spend the money, so I thought I would ask the great and wise internet what I should do:

How should we spend the money??
Be responsible and use it to buy groceries... or a haircut.
Continue the fun and use it to buy comics or toys!
Return it to the community from whence it came. Use it to build a monument, or buy lots of candy to hand out to the locals.
Get your wife a day at the spa! (no one really has to vote for this one, it's just here so I look considerate in case my wife checks in.)
Ugg Boots


  1. Looks like Misty learned how to proxy vote.

    BTW, if you're spending $50 on a haircut, you don't deserve the money (but thanks for stimulating the economy).

  2. Once again I think I'm going to regret jokingly giving people options that could come back to haunt me...

  3. haha I voted for Misty! :)


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