Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Chain for my Keys

Last month I lost something that has served me by my side for more than a decade. My trusted Scooby Doo keychain finally broke free from his chain, never to guard my keys from the pocket monsters again. I lamented this loss online and one of my dear friends decieded to help me.
I received a new keychain from a far away land, South Canada, also known as Minnesota. It was a wonderful gesture and truely apperciated. Unfortunately this almost Canadian keychain which sports a moose and some Canadian geese is too large to fit into many of my pants. Which is too bad because it also happens to be a miniature lunch box, and I love to carry food with me everywhere.I guess I will have to use it only for special occasions. I'll keep it around as my fancy keychain used only for trips to Canada or when I really need to smuggle food into a movie theather or ball game. I've put a lot of thought into what my next "everyday" keychain should be, and I've decieded that it should be something that serves as a daily reminder of my dreams and goals. So I've decieded to find a Japanese themed keychain. My wife and I will be moving to Japan in two years when she graduates from seminary. I've got a lot to do in the next two years, get certified and gain teaching experience in ESL, teach my wife Japanese, find a job in Japan, and get a visa. I can't wait to get started, and hopefully a new keychain will be a small, daily reminder to keep myself focused on that goal.


  1. thats a very unique style of keeping one self motivated to do something. Buying a new keychain of the place,which u r moving to,in NEXT two thats what i call determination and planing.
    I must say,I love ur style of writting, and I just love the way u give ur view about small unoticed things of day to day life lik visiting a grocery store, a key chain.

    keep up the gud work


  2. Thank you Ghazalnamah! I always appreciate feedback and especially the positive kind. I will try my best to keep things interesting.


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