Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Comic Book Day!

I went searching for a Japanese keychain today. It was an unsuccessful quest, but not an unproductive one. Besides discovering that there are no Japanese keychains in the town of Madison I was lucky enough to stumble across this glorious flyer.Those have to be the three best words in the whole English language: Free Comic Book. Every year, for an entire day, every comic book store in this great nation of ours gives away free comic books! It's always the first Saturday in May, which means this year it's May 2nd. Find your local comic book store this Saturday and partake in this glorious event that should be a national holiday.

Comics aren't just for kids, and I don't mean the way Harry Potter's not just for kids. I mean the way that sports aren't just for kids or movies aren't just for kids. There are comics for every taste: horror, politics, super heroes, even religion. Go out, get a free comic book, reap some free bliss, and maybe expand your mind this Saturday. I bet you'll thank me for it.

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