Saturday, April 18, 2009

True Romance

Romance is not just an attraction between two people. Romance is a feeling inspired by the possibility of adventure waiting to be shared between people or had in a certain place or time. Friends or lovers can share romance, it can even be had alone. Today was a romantic spring day and I spent it with friends in a romantic city. Flowers were blooming, kids were exploring the unlimited possibilities for play, and the city beamed with pride as millions awed at it's beauty. It's the kind of day that makes you fall in love with the world again.
New York City is full of possibilities. I took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge today, a place full of romance. It's a truly unique place, unlike anywhere else in the world. But the world is FULL of unique and romantic places. Go out and find some romance in the world, it's everywhere. Don't forget what it feels like to explore something new. The world is always changing and never runs out of new adventure and I find that extremely romantic.

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