Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the Winner is....

Well, it's been two weeks and the results are in! The great and wise internet (although I am starting to considerably doubt the latter) has spoken and decided to reward my wife with a day at the spa. In fact, two-thirds of voters thought that a day at the spa would be the best way to spend our gift certificate.
But there is a snag in the plan. After admittedly voting for herself in the poll, my wife has changed her mind and turned down her prize! What do you do when the winner refuses to accept the prize and chooses to exercise her own will over the wishes of anonymous internet voters!?! Is there some way to give her a day at the spa without her knowing? Can I hire a ninja to secretly give her a pedicure while she's not looking? I'll have to put some serious thought into this before deciding on a course of action.

So what have I learned from this experience? For one, my wife is unpredictable and kind hearted. Although I didn't so much as learn that as much as I was reminded. I've also learned that internet polls almost NEVER go the way one wants them to go. Just ask NASA. I guess one of the true joys of the internet comes from voting in anonymous polls for the poll creator's least favorite outcome. Life needs a little mischief.

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