Friday, April 24, 2009

History Just Keeps Getting Bigger

Why do I keep running into relics of the past? Everywhere I go, I seem to run into soldiers of antiquity. Today I got a chance to listen to a bard from the American Revolution sing songs of war and peace.Do patriots in other countries dress up like their founders or war heroes? In France, do they have festivals of the French Revolution or dress up like Joan of Arc for educational performances? I hope this is not just an American eccentricity.It feels great to interact with the past, it usually gives me a chance to examine my present from a different perspective. And who doesn't love to dress up!? I bought a sewing machine a few months ago in the hopes of creating my own garments from the past. But alas, it was made in Europe and will not plug into my American electrical outlets. Someday I'll have my own glorious costume from some romanticized version of history, but for now I'll simply enjoy the labor of others.


  1. Cool. I actually just ordered a civil war era reproduction black powder revolver. I'm looking forward to shoot the way my ancestors did (though probably without killing any Yankee scum).

    You do know you can get a voltage/plug adapter for your sewing machine, right?

  2. Crap, mis-clicked in the dropdown box. That was me above.


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