Sunday, April 12, 2009

A New Beginning...

Today was Easter, a day of new beginnings and a day of Spring. Yesterday we spent time decorating that most obvious symbol of fertility, The Egg.This year our egg coloring kit came with hats and pipe cleaners. Probably the result of some failed doll line which they repackaged as an Easter egg kit. But it was quite fun populating our refrigerator with Egg citizens. We also designed some traditional eggs as well.I realized Japan has been on my mind a lot as of late. It is calling me to it's shores like the moon calls to the ocean. Perhaps I was a ninja in a former life. Or maybe I've just had so much sushi that I've become Japanese. For whatever reason, I will not feel complete until I one day live in Godzilla's playground.For now I am very happy living on the east coast and exploring the birthplace of America. But there is a new beginning out there waiting for me. There will come an Easter when I will wake up in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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