Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exploring other cultures

I found myself at the local Asian market on a recent quest to purchase sushi ingredients. Walking through aisles filled with live eels, dried Rambutan, and hundreds of other unknown food products reminded me how narrow my culinary experiences have been. And also how easily I get lost.
Luckily someone discovered how to extract the "flavour" from a potato without all those pesky nutrients

I have decided that I should make a more concerted effort to expose myself to other cultures, especially their cuisines. I suppose I could delicately sample strange dishes and foreign flavors. But why try something new in a safe and sane manner when you can do it in a flamboyant and potentially disastrous manner!?
I think it's a good idea to spend an entire week eating only food I've purchased at the Asian market. I'll need a little time to try and research some recipes and convince my wife that this is a good idea, or at least one that won't kill us. But sometime in the future, look forward to "Asian Food Theme Week". In fact, I'd like to try and incorporate more theme weeks into my life. Nothing says adventure like crazy theme weeks. If anyone has ideas for fun theme weeks, please let me know.

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