Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's the difference between work and leisure?

Work and leisure were clearly defined and easy to distinguish not so long ago. But with cell phones, wireless internet and mobile computing keeping us always tethered to the world, our work duties and personae are increasingly merging with our our private, leisure lives. Not only do more people work at home, but it also seems that more people are becoming "amateur entrepreneurs", people who create content or services sometimes for profit, sometimes for fun. Technology has made it easier for everyone to Create.
Is writing a blog work or leisure? Is it possible to create art, whether it's movies or pictures or novels, for leisure? Or is all creation an act of work? I think leisure becomes less necessary as work becomes more fulfilling and fun. So maybe it's alright that the line between work and play is blurring. Has the scourge of cell phones and erosion of private moments left us with some benefits after all? Has the age of information made it easier to follow the advice of Harvey Mackay and "find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life"? Or is this just my own peculiar perception?

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