Monday, May 18, 2009

washrag update

About a month ago, I received a washrag with special instructions. I was told to use this everyday object in the service of others at a church service. A seemingly simple task, but it turned out to be harder than I thought. How was I going to use a single washrag in the service of someone else? Who could possible have their needs met by a washrag?
I had no idea how to use my washrag properly, so I decided to carry it with me in my pocket searching for inspiration. I've found that if you start looking for something, you will usually find it, although it might not be in the way you expected. I never did find a way to use the washrag directly, but keeping it in my pocket made me much more aware of those seeking help. Constantly searching for ways to help others using a washrag quickly became just searching for ways to help others. Ultimately the washrag helped me become a more thoughtful person, constantly reminding me of my search. I've joined two different charity groups since receiving that washrag, and I feel more productive and happier. But this doesn't mean I'll stop looking. The search for others in need is a great adventure and has opened me up to many possibilities and much growth.

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