Friday, May 22, 2009

Two Cultures Unite

It's 1 A.M. and I just got back from a wedding in New York City with a Chinese bride and a Texan groom. If you had told me my life would be this exciting a few years ago, I might have thought you were crazy. The marriage was a true union of cultures and lovers. Their hybrid wedding consisted of a mostly western ceremony with a mostly Chinese reception.
I ate over eight courses (I lost count after the duck) of authentic, non-westernized Chinese cuisine. It seems that cashew chicken, chop suey and fortune cookies are all American inventions rather than dishes imported from China. The experience was entirely enjoyable, although not completely delicious to my untrained palate.
I consumed steak, ham, duck, squid, sea cucumber, jellyfish, lobster, fried mayonnaise shrimp, and a few things I couldn't make out. Some of them were genuinely delicious and all of them were certainly interesting. I had an amazing evening exploring new dishes, dancing and most importantly watching two very diverse cultures unite in a glorious festival of love and commitment. I love weddings and this was definitely a great one.

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