Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'll admit it, I used to LOVE stuff. Well not all stuff, I loved a very specific set of stuff. Comic Books, superhero action figures, and anything stamped with the words "Star Trek". Owning cool things was an ego boosting reassurance I counted on from time to time. This was a great consternation to my wife who greatly dislikes stuff. She especially dislikes the spending of money which is closely associated with getting stuff.Lately, however, I've become less materialistic. It began as a necessity, the American east coast is a much more expensive place to live than the middle of an Arizonan desert. But on a recent trip to Target I passed a sweet new Star Trek toy and walked away empty handed. I was sad at first, because I want to own cool stuff, who doesn't? But as I returned home, about the time buyers remorse would have set in, I realized that "owner of cool things" is an attribute no longer consistent with the kind of lifestyle I want to live. The life of international adventurer or photographic nomad does not allow one to carry many permanent possessions. When we leave the country, we won't be taking much more than a suitcase or two. I haven't yet decided if giving up most of my possessions is a positive or negative side effect of the lifestyle I want to live. On the plus side, giving up my attachment to cool things has forced me to venture outside of my apartment more often and find beauty and fulfillment in the outside world. But on the negative side, I have LESS cool stuff! And some of that stuff is definitely great for creating lasting friendships and social interactions, like games and movies. I guess I'll have to wait and see what life is really like without a room full of cool stuff. On thing is certain, it will be an adventure.

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