Saturday, May 9, 2009

Learning from others

I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube today. I've always had a desire to learn how they work and I recently discovered that my Dad could teach me.
Rubik's Cubes are strange cultural icons. Many see them as tests of IQ or measuring sticks of genius. Like most puzzles they do require logic and a willingness to concentrate. But I see them less as a test of IQ and more as personality test. Do you get frustrated and give up? Do you turn to the internet for help? It seems my wife cares little for solving the cube but she does enjoy the attempt. She seems uninterested in help, I'm not sure if this is because she is stubborn or because she is only interested in a journey of self discovery. My dad and sister on the other hand have turned it into a competition, battling to solve it the fastest. As for me, solving a Rubik's cube was something I wanted to experience and explore. I often try to learn as much as I can from others, rather than re-invent the wheel, so I learned from my father. It's fun and relaxing and leaves me with a sense of accomplishment, and I'll probably continue to practice because every time is a little different. I think puzzles are good for the mind and they might just help you learn a new approach to life.


  1. oh i hate this cube...i hv nvr been able to solve it just drives me nuts...

  2. I used to solve it as a kid under a minute, now it takes me like couple of minutes. I love, them!!! Any kind of mind twisters!


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