Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Past is Upon Us

While walking through campus today, I heard the (all too familiar) cries of battle. Fearful that the apocalypse might finally be upon us, I rushed in the direction of clanging metal and guttural grunts.
I arrived upon a group of medieval warriors in the midst of a ferocious battle, perhaps with the world at stake. Having previously learned a valuable lesson, I decided to observe the situation first rather than immediately rushing into battle.
Although the initial evidence seemed to point to a breach in space-time that had brought our past back to conquer us, I scanned the area and discovered a revealing sign. If the sign is to be believed then this Saturday will be filled with brave duels, strong mead, and heroism. And these warriors were practicing for our entertainment.
I am very grateful that this tribe of like souls has decided to pursue their passion for history and sharp metal. It takes true bravery to wear attire that ignores the last few centuries of textile advancement and stage battles for the enjoyment of others. And whether or not their fighting skills are to be admired, their kindness and bravery certainly should be. Huzzah for those unafraid to pursue their passions in public whatever those passions may be.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear.

    Having said that let me also say: Battle on, medieval reenactors. You are my brothers. Or you would be, if you were archers.


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