Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Century Is It?

Tonight was laundry night. After hauling what must have been 230 pounds of dirty clothing down three and a half flights of stairs into the "basement of washing" I realized I had two different options for washing my clothes.
I could wash my clothes in the standard, one dollar per load electric laundry machine. Or I could apparently cast off the last three hundred years of technology, and hand wash my clothes in a rusted out tub and wringer. Ultimately I decided that while I may save some money, I'd end up paying much more in time and elbow grease if I used the "free" washer.

But, for a brief second I realized how much I take for granted in my modern life, made so easy and convenient after centuries of technological advance. Tonight I took full advantage of the billions of minds that have gone before me and created such marvels as the electrical washing machine. But I feel I owe it to myself and my ancestors to one day cast off all modern technology for a week to better appreciate the contributions of our ancestors. I hereby pledge to someday go Amish for a full week.

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