Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nikon D90, Great Success!

I am moving up the food chain. Tonight I transformed all the money I've been saving into a Digital SLR camera. It felt magical.
Our new "piggy" bank

I've been dreaming about this day for quite some time now. When I clicked that "purchase" button, it was a moment of pure bliss. I believe you should always follow your bliss, wherever that may take you. And during the last 2 years, a growing bliss has been burning stronger and stronger with every picture I snap. Taking pictures began as a way to connect with friends and family in far away places, just a way to share a little bit of my life with others. But capturing life's moments and beauty has become an end unto itself, no longer just a means to connect with others.

Before me lies a great deal of learning and undiscovered bliss. There is so much beauty and madness out there in the world, and capturing it on film seems to fulfill something inside me. It feels good to upgrade my hardware, now begins the long, hard task of upgrading my "software".

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  1. My girlfriend Christine is about to buy a digital SLR. I've been such a naysayer when it comes to digital for years, since it started to get big back when I was doing photography in college in like 2001-2003. But now I realize that the days of film are gone. I need to get with the program, although I will never forget those endless days and weeks spent in the darkroom breathing chemicals. It's just sad that it will be a thing our kids will only hear about and never experience. Just like dial-up modems, cartridge-based video games, and VHS tapes(and by that time perhaps DVD, and maybe even Blu-Ray, who the hell knows what they'll come up with in the next couple of years). We are getting old, my friend. Or at least old enough to have fond memories of things that no longer exist. Although I will never let my LP collection die. Vinyl will live forever, I believe it.


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