Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Ring that Found Me

Four years ago I stumbled across a gold wedding ring in the middle of a forest. With no inscription and no one around for miles I picked it up and carried it with me. A few months later I was engaged.
Perhaps it's because I didn't buy it, but I've never really felt like I owned my wedding ring. It seems to me that the ring found me just when I needed it and has decided to come on a journey with me. In the two years I've been married, I must have misplaced the ring a half dozen times, sometimes for a few days and once for about two months. Every time the ring is lost I wonder if it has finally moved on and found someone else. But so far, every time the ring takes a vacation it has always returned.
It's good to have a little mystery in life. I often wonder what journey the ring took on its way to find me, how long it will stay with me, and what its next step will be. Unfortunately I have not discovered how to communicate with it yet. I may never know everything about the ring around my finger, but this won't stop me from trying...


  1. If only it wasn't so frustrating for the both of us when it takes those little "vacations."

  2. Sounds extremely Lord of the Ring-ish to me...


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