Sunday, April 26, 2009

Even Introverts Need Somebody

As a younger man I wasn't always sure I needed other people deeply involved in my life. I find my voice not from social interaction, but rather from quiet reflection. I enjoy being alone and entertain myself well enough as to never be lonely. So why would I need someone else nearly constantly at my side? But after being married almost 2 years I find that I do function much better as a team rather than alone.
When others are deeply involved in my life they usually hold me accountable to my goals. But when I'm alone I have a tendency to procrastinate and ignore my goals in favor of play. I have a very STRONG urge to play. Yet when I have someone constantly involved in my life, it's much more difficult to hide lack of self improvement.
I need others who are deeply involved in my life. Whether it's through church or or friends I meet on campus, it is others who give me a reason to be a better conversationalist or game player or keep my floor clean. My wife has been a constant source of inspiration, a partner who holds me accountable to myself, and the perfect excuse to go on adventures. I truly am a much better person now than I was before I met her. And while much of that improvement has come from hard work and determination on my side, she was certainly the initial reactionary agent and continuing source of motivation. Thank you my dear, I love you deeply.

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  1. thats very cute way of confessing love to ur love...


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