Friday, March 18, 2011

This Week's Bucket List Additions 9

It's Friday again, so here are some more additions to my bucket list.

-Go scuba diving.  Difficulty Rating 5 out of 10:
It's often difficult for me to find inner calm.  I have a very busy mind and I'm easily distracted.  But sometime during my childhood I discovered that sinking to the bottom of a pool seals off the outside world and forces my mind into a state of calm appreciation.  I didn't have regular access to a pool until high school, so I would often replicate this effect by sinking to the bottom of my bathtub.  I can't be alone in this, perhaps floating in water reminds us of the comfort of the womb.  For whatever reason, I love the peace and calm that being underwater brings me.  One of my fondest vacation memories is snorkeling off the coast of Jamaica years ago.  Surrounded not only by the peaceful embrace of water but also by breathtaking scenes of ocean wildlife and strange underwater landscapes has left me longing for more.

I'd love to be able to stay underwater for longer periods without being forced to return to the surface for air, and scuba diving seems like the perfect way to do this.  I look forward to the day that I can dive into the sea, pretend to be Captain Nemo's son and head into the ocean depths in search of peace and adventure.

Ready for action at an Arizona wave pool
Copyright Jeff Howick 2011

-Take a trip on a motorcycle.  Difficulty Rating 6 out of 10:
Why are motorcycles so appealing and romantic?  Maybe it's the chance to speed through this world unprotected by a cage of steel and glass.  Maybe enough rebels and outlaws have been seen on them that we imagine some of their reputation will rub off if we ride one.  Whatever it is, I too feel the call of the open road and want to travel it with a bike beneath me.  Although I might feel safer on a three wheeled bike like the can-am, and I'll probably start with a weekend trip.

Copyright Jeff Howick 2011

-Take pictures of my wife in her wedding dress.  Difficulty Rating 5 out of 10:
Two things I love, taking pictures and my wife all dressed up.  She looked amazing in her wedding dress, but I didn't ever get to take any pictures, I was too busy getting married and having fun with loved ones to take any pictures that day.    And I think it's ashame that a piece of clothing that makes my wife look so beautiful is destined to spend the rest of it's life imprisoned in a box somewhere.  So I'd love to get it out and take some pictures of her on the beach in that dress, or riding a horse or a hot air balloon.  There are all kinds of great photo opportunities where her wedding dress could really make the photos pop.  Although I probably need to start small, like getting my wife to do a photo shoot in a normal dress first.

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