Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week's Bucket List Additions 4

-See Spiderman on Broadway. Difficulty Rating 4 out of 10:  
 I was hoping it would be good and lead to more superheroes on Broadway, but if the reviews are right, and they probably are, it's going to be awful.  It might even be dangerous, based on the number or injuries their stunt-people have racked up.  But how could I NOT support a union between two of my favorite kinds of entertainment:  Superheroes and Broadway Musicals.  This is a grand, risky production and I'd like to support those who take bold risks in the world.  Even if it is bad, I think it's going to be so epically bad it'll still be entertaining and memorable.  Hopefully I won't have to pay full price for tickets, but it might be awhile before the tickets show up at TKTS for half price.  For now, at least, the theater seems to be full. 

Copyright Jeff Howick 2011

-Operate a bed and breakfast with my wife. Difficulty Rating 8 out of 10:
My wife has always dreamed of running a B&B.  She likes helping people, and wants to create a place for them to get away from the world, perhaps gain a new perspective on their life.  That's what initially led her to work at camp, where we met.  I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.  And I LOVE to plan new adventures and trips for people.  My wife and I struggle sometimes trying to plan our lives in such a way that we can both pursue our dreams without the other person having to sacrifice theirs.  But this is one dream that we both seem to share, an intersection of both our passions.  I look forward one day to helping strangers find comfort and adventure alongside my wife.

Copyright Jeff Howick 2011

-Own a house with a secret passageway.  Difficulty Rating 6 out of 10

It's funny what sticks with you from your childhood, but I think we owe it to ourselves to pursue our earliest dreams.  Some people pretend that they've outgrown their childhood dreams, but I think that's just another word for giving up.  It's clear that our earliest experiences and dreams shape us and I've always wanted to live in a house with a secret passageway to a cool hideout.  It shouldn't be that difficult to put a few hinges on a bookshelf or use a little drywall to build a false wall with a large hole hidden behind a picture.  If you want a secret room in your house but don't have the time or carpentry skills, check out   


  1. I have always wanted to open a bed & breakfast too. It seems like the perfect business where you can blend meeting new people, being a tourist guide and cooking creatively. Sounds great!

  2. Let me know if you open one up, and I'll go spend a weekend there!


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