Monday, February 7, 2011

Surfing on a Snow Covered Beach

As you probably know, my wife and I moved to the beach last July and it's been a wonderful experience.  I've tried my best to take advantage of the beach and  I've been boogie boarding, thrown starfish back into the sea, had picnics and watched the sunrise on the beach.  Although I imagined that nothing would happen on the beach once winter arrived.  While things have certainly slowed down, people still find reasons to dive into the ocean even when it's below freezing.

A few weeks ago my wife and I just happened to visit the beach when a group of people know as the 'Ancient Order of Hibernians' gathered over 400 people together and then they plunged into the 40 degree water.  Apparently they raised over $100,000 dollars for charity, a pretty impressive feat.

Hundreds gathered for Sea Bright's annual Polar Bear swim
copyright Jeff Howick 2010 

'I can't feel my feet.'
copyright Jeff Howick 2010

Lifeguards on hand, wearing space suits?
 copyright Jeff Howick 2010

The other day, I also saw a pair of surfers ready to brave the winter weather in the search for fun and adventure.  I admire these guys' passion and dedication.  They must really love what they do, if they're willing to surf with snow on the beach.  I think when you're truly following your bliss, no obstacle feels too large.

copyright Jeff Howick 2010

copyright Jeff Howick 2010

The beach is a great place in the summer, so full of energy and joyful people.  But I also love the beach in the winter.  I love how quiet and peaceful it almost always seems, when the summer crowds are gone.  When I'm the only one on the beach, which happens often in cold weather, nature's voice seems much stronger.  If you've only been to the beach when it's sunny and warm, I suggest you try taking a walk on the beach during the winter.  It's a completely different and very worthwhile experience.

A different kind of beauty
copyright Jeff Howick 2010

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