Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spider-man on Broadway

I REALLY hope this show is good. But I'm a little worried. For one, it's already been cancelled and brought back from oblivion once. Also, there are a lot of big names attached: Bono from U2, Julie Taymor who directed the Lion King on Broadway and also the movie 'Across the Universe', and of course the web-slinger himself. Strong, brilliant personalities don't always work out like Rogers & Hammerstein or McCartney & Lennon, sometimes they crash and burn.

I hope this project (I've heard it's not really a musical, but there is a lot of music in it) does really well, not because I particularly love Spider-man (he's ok), but because I'd LOVE to see more superheroes and geek culture icons in Broadway shows.

Joss Whedon in particular seems to have some GREAT properties well suited for Broadway. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is tailor made for Broadway, and Buffy's already proven it can work as a musical on TV. Do I think 'The Incredible Hulk' would work as some kind of mad, operatic Broadway Musical? Heck Yes I Do!

But perhaps the Broadway musical that would MOST excite me would be a 'Final Crisis' Musical. Imagine a chorus of Darkseid's minions chanting as they drag the Earth down into darkness, Batman's death song as he breaks his two most solemn oaths, never to use a gun and never to kill, and of COURSE the shows-stopping number when Superman literally sings the universe back into existence with a song. Final Crisis is everything a good musical should be: Epic, crazy, and colorful.

If Spider-man works on Broadway, maybe...just MAYBE there is hope for a 'Final Crisis' Broadway musical. And since watching that musical is on my bucket list, I sincerely hope 'Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark' is a spectacularly good show.

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