Monday, March 30, 2009

Minimates: They're like your mates only mini!

I don't know how people do it. Hundreds if not thousands of Americans eventually develop the will to stop buying and playing with toys. But this grown man-child gave up that fight years ago.
The appeal of carrying around my childhood (and current) heroes is still much too intoxicating to resist. I'm sure it would make doing the laundry easier on my wife if I could resist. And if I were able to take all the time I've spent battling imaginary ninjas in the last decade, I could probably have done something incredibly productive like inventing paint that can block cell phone signals.

But I refuse to put away all childish things. We all need to hold on to something from our childhoods. I think it's important to do something kid Jeff would love doing with me at least once a week.I bet there are all kinds of statistics and reports that will tell you how playing and using your imagination helps keep you young or make lots of money. But who really cares about that? What really matters is 12 year old Jeff would like who he's become. That's excuse enough for me to give into my temptations and play with tiny mutant superheroes whenever I want.


  1. Heck, yeah!

    I bought the super-tough/super-cute PUNISHER: WAR ZONE Frank Castle, this weekend.

    Lil' bugger Punishes tiny criminals like none other.

  2. yeah I hear you man,

    Samurai 1, Master Chief 0

    It's funny that the Spartan armor ignore the crotch, a crucial kill-spot. Or at least one to make you fall over and grab your crotch in pain


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