Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memories and Anticipation

Yes, yes, I'm sure by now I've mentioned once or twice that I love adventure. But going to wacky festivals and strange new places is only half the fun. As much as I love "the moment", the before and after also fill me with joy. The buzz of anticipation and the warm glow of memories give me more pleasure than the adventurous activity itself, I think.
The Great Book of Fun

I can't resist ordering travel guides from near and far away places, checking out travel guides from the library, and wandering the internet in search of strange events and places. In fact planning and researching for future adventures has become an activity of its own.
box of free visitor's guides I've requested

The same is true of browsing through my old photos or posting them online, I gain a great deal of pleasure from my pre and post adventure rituals. It's deeply important to bridge and balance one's past, present, and future. My endless cycle of planning, experiencing, and processing adventures helps me feel like I am giving adequate focus to all periods of life.

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