Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The myriad of emotions felt while walking through the toy aisle at Target

Man do I love ninjas. Their stealth, their swords, and their tremendous dedication to honor and violence fascinate me. I often find myself fending off make-believe ninjas throughout the day in order to keep my imagination healthy and active.Judging by this awesome display I ran into at Target, I'm not the only American who loves ninjas. I never would have believed that "cute" and "lethal killer" could be such a great combination until I discovered the Mighty Muggs line of toys. The people at Mighty Muggs have found a way to create super cute, bordering on cuddly, statues of our nation's most feared and lethal heroes and villains from Wolverine to Darth Vader. Something deep within me wants every single Mighty Mugg, but I feel like I should resist this impulse. Should I be concerned that most of my life's most difficult struggles seem to involve fighting the urge to buy all comic book and sci-fi related paraphernalia? I really should stop going to the toy aisle in Target, but I just can't help myself.

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