Thursday, January 27, 2011

Views From Bridges

I kinda live on an island.  I think it's technically a peninsula, but whenever I want to go somewhere I have to drive over a bridge.  Which is fine with me because I LOVE bridges, especially when I'm on foot.  Some of the best views in the world are from bridges.

View of my town in the Summer from a bridge
copyright Jeff Howick 2010

View of my town in the Winter from a bridge
copyright Jeff Howick 2010

Today when I was taking some pictures from one of our bridges, the whole world just seemed so peaceful.  It bothers me when bridges don't have pedestrian walkways.  There's a bridge we take every time we go into New York City that has a gorgeous view of the city's skyline.  But I can't take a picture because there's no sidewalk on that bridge.  At least the bridge has a pullover lane, so one of these days I'm going to fake a flat tire and take some pictures.

Some pictures from a recent trip to the Brooklyn Bridge

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  1. I just rode my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, which I thought was amazing. But, the Brooklyn Bridge looks quite spectacular too!


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